International Travel Grant

Dear ISVIR members,

ISVIR has also started International Travel Grant to the Residents and young Interventional Radiologists (Age< 40 years) in particular.

50% of shortest Economy class air-fare, upto max Rs 50,000/- to four persons each for attending CIRSE, SIR, APSCVIR, KSIR, JSIR and PAIRS whose oral paper are accepted.

Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, grants will be awarded twice within a calendar year: in June (for conferences taking place from January to June of the same year) and in December (for conferences taking place from July to December of the same year)

We will not accept early or late submission of applications. However, applicant who has already submitted a proposal will not be eligible to apply again.

Scope :

The ISVIR International grant is to provide financial assistance for presenting a oral paper or chairing a session or delivering a lecture address in an international conference held abroad.

The eligibility criteria:
  • 1. Applicant should be an ISVIR life member
  • 2. Age < 40 years
  • 3. Applicant should have an invitation letter for oral paper/lecture
  • 4. The applicant should not have availed financial assistance under this Scheme during last five years
  • 5. The conference should be of an international character. Invitation of personal nature such as CME/Workshop/informal training programmes/courses, internship, observer-ship etc. will not be eligible for support

Documents required :
  • 1. An endorsement letter duly signed and stamped by authority of the institute
  • 2. A copy of letter of acceptance of the presenting paper (oral/poster) by the organizers
  • 3. A copy of the abstract of the paper to be presented

Kindly note,
  • 1. The support is provided on reimbursement basis as per actual expenditure incurred by the applicant within the guidelines of the scheme
  • 2. Applicant should not be recieving any scholarship/monetary benefits from conferences/organisers/industry partners
  • 3. If any candidate found to have furnished incorrect / misleading information at any stage, his/her candidature will be cancelled and no reimbursement will be made